Frequently Asked Questions


 Do you have catering or do we find someone ourselves?

Whilst we have specialised in authentic Asian seafood wedding banquets for over 25 years, we understand the need to offer a modern take on the traditional Chinese seafood banquets, or even other cuisines. So we are open to having an external caterer work with us to create a culinary experience for your event within our kitchen facilities - so long as they are Gold Licensed and fulfil food safety and quality check.

Whether your function calls for Mediterranean cuisines, mezze platters to be served all night, or modern Australian and Italian dishes, we would happily assist in making it happen through our own catering partners or externals.

Are you able to cater for our dietary requirements?

Since our chefs are in-house we are able to cater for dietary requirements such as vegan or allergies for specific guests, please let our co-ordinator know of you any of dietary requirements that our chefs need to be mindful of.

How many guests can SILVER PEARL hold?

We have the space to hold up to 400 guests in a banquet setting, or up to 500 pax in conference, and up to 450 pax in cocktail. Our venue function and restaurant in Cabramatta is designed to have a flexible layout to cater for different sizes and types of events, so should your event not require the entire function venue, we are able to split it up with an operable wall in order to facilitate others.

Can we supply our own alcohol

At SILVER PEARL offer menu packages with an alcohol package of beers and wines from our seasonal selection, and for any other preferences, they can be brought in with no corkages charged and served by our RSA qualified bar staff for the event.

Is there parking onsite?

We are located in a short walking distance to the Dutton Lane council parking and it’s free from 6pm For more information on the parking facilities click here.

Can we bring in our own audio/visual and lighting supplier?

We have existing rigging points that are available for you to use with your chosen audio/visual supplier. We do have a list of suppliers we refer that you can also reach out.

What is the cutoff time for the wedding venue?

We are licensed to operate up until midnight.

Can we arrive earlier to freshen up before the function?

If you are booking the entire function venue, or the left wing, you are more than welcome to arrive earlier to freshen up with your bridal team and crew. This of course is subject to any day functions that may occur, but we usually have several hours in between functions to ensure your stylist and crew have enough time to prepare the venue for you.

What time does my stylist or vendors have access to set up?

We are pretty flexible with access times for vendors and stylists to set up, and as long as there is no day function prior to yours, we would usually allow from 11am onwards. The venue, tables and cutleries will all be prepared prior to the crew coming in, and should you require any other specific timings please let our coordinator know.

Can my crew bump out the next day? And are they restricted to how long they need to clear out? And is there are a cost for extra?

For a day function; crew will need to dismantle and bump out within 1.5 hours whilst an evening function they have up until 1AM to bump out which is normally more than enough for most events. Again please stay in contact with our coordinator so we can assist the logistics of bump in and bump out.

As for any additional costs, whilst other venues will charge you for anything past 1AM, we understand your crew may need to go beyond 2AM - if that were the case we may have to cover the cost of a security guard to remain on the premises.

Can I hire my own vendors (coordinator, DJ, etc.), or must I select from a preferred vendor list? If I can bring my own, do you have a list of recommended vendors?

More than welcome to! We also can provide recommendations on fabulous vendors we’ve worked with in the past. Here’s a list of the vendors are wonderful at what the do and we’ve negotiated better prices for you.

Does your wedding venue service Bankstown, Parramatta and other regions?

SILVER PEARL Cabramatta, our flag ship and original venue, is very close to Bankstown, so if you live in Bankstown or considering to have a wedding in Bankstown, we’re only 25 minutes away. Same can be said for Parramatta and the surrounding areas.

Are tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware and glassware provided?

Yes, we provide all of the above as a standard inclusion with all events.

If I want to bring in other chairs, cutleries, linen and other tables will you set it up (and at a cost), or help my vendor?

There will be a storage fee for our standard chairs and tables (if you don’t use them) as we won’t have enough storage on site. Our staff would be more than happy to assist you in planning the logistics with this.

As for a cost to set the tables and cutleries, if your supplier drops the cutleries off the day before your event, we would be able to set them up complimentary - unlike other venues. After all we would have to set up our own cutleries originally anyway right?

Do you allow fireworks inside your wedding venue?

Yes we allow electrical fireworks and dry ice.

Is there a security present during the event?

For functions in the evening there is a security guard that monitors the event and entrances.


Sounds great and would love to host your event with us?