SILVER PEARL is located in the heart of Sydney’s South West as Cabramatta’s iconic wedding venue and seafood restaurant, having served generations of families for over 25 years.


Our heritage of providing excellence in Asian seafood banquet weddings comes from our passion for bringing people and families together to celebrate their most special events; whether it’s for an Asian seafood banquet wedding, anniversary party, birthday, cocktail party, award ceremony, graduation, engagement, Christmas party, production activation or corporate functions, we are able to tailor our venue to your experience.


The base venue features:

  • Cluster of 7 Crystal Chandeliers in the centre of the venue,

  • Large Crystal Chandelier,

  • Rigging points for additional trusses to be installed (required for all those ceiling installations you see on Instagram),

  • A dedicated bridal room for your private use,


  • Modern bar with a wide assortment of high end wines, beers and liquor,

  • Flexible layout.

  • White high-gloss dance floor, with matching bridal table and cake table.


Standard floorplan for 320pax (32 tables)


Services and Facilities

  • Discounted rates with our industry partners

  • Banquet capacity up to 350 guests

  • Conference capacity up to 500 guests




Selecting a Sydney wedding venue that can cater for the specific traditional flavours of a cultural Chinese seafood wedding banquet and yet be within a modern and beautifully designed venue is difficult. Usually Asian wedding venues are great at their food, but aren't modern and they're the same year-after-year. While a Sydney CBD wedding venue aren't specialised in having an in-house Asian Chef to create truly traditional wedding banquet that family would be happy. So we re-imagined SILVER PEARL as a “east meets west” venue right in the heart of Cabramatta.


Seafood Restaurant Dining


SILVER PEARL is one of the best restaurants in Cabramatta, and is it’s most iconic and long standing Asian seafood restaurant, having served thousands of dinners over the past 25 years and now it’s time for us to re-imagine ourselves to serve the next generations of family gatherings, casual dinners and special events such as birthday celebrations.