Designing the new SILVER PEARL, for the next generations.


It’s been a wonderful journey to conceptualise a design that isn’t what you’d expect in Sydney’s South West, let alone Cabramatta. It’s an area that has been calling for it; you know to offer an amazing western service but with the heart of tradition and truly authentic banquet experience.


The concept is to create a classic yet modern function venue to serve the next generations.


We looked at what was missing in Sydney’s South West and found there hasn’t been anything profound and modern enough to attract the growing sophistication of the younger generation. But at the same time offer traditional food that has been the soul of SILVER PEARL for the past 25 years.

We believe it’s important for us maintain that nostalgia because, after all, we have served generations of families here. The approach then is to re-dress, re-imagine the space.

Prepare it for the next generations.


We had partnered with ANNA WANG, one of Australia’s most renown stylist and planner of events, to re-design our venue with the vision of creating a white regal look accentuated by rose pink trims and a rich burgundy carpet.


For the colour palette of our wedding venue we’ve gone for is a soft and earthy tone that is classic yet a modern vision of a ballroom, something not expected at a Cabramatta venue.


The visual palette is "pretty" and "neutral" - so you can add your own vision to it.


So why are we doing this in Cabramatta, when there isn’t an amazing scenery?

The short of it is Sydney’s South West is in need of a transformation.


For years the younger generations growing up in Cabramatta, Bankstown, Liverpool and Sydney’s South West areas, wanted amazing experiences that is modern, yet traditional enough to keep their family happy.

This hadn’t been done perfectly as yet. So clients would either settle to host their wedding, birthdays or special event, in order for the wishes of their family to be met. We feel it’s time for this to change, for the younger generation to have a modern venue, but continue the traditions of their heritage and authentic seafood banquets.


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