SILVER PEARL is known for our freshly cooked Asian seafood wedding banquet


SILVER PEARL is located in the heart of Cabramatta as one of it’s most iconic and long standing Asian seafood restaurant and wedding venue, having served thousands of dinners and weddings over the past 25 years and now it’s time for us to re-imagine ourselves to serve the next generations of family gatherings, casual dinners and special events such as weddings and birthday celebrations.


We understand the significance and meaning of each one the traditional seafood dishes that make up the 8+ Chinese wedding banquet menu, and they reflect a time-honoured tradition past from generations.

So creating that balance of traditional flavours, served within a modern setting, is an important aspect of what SILVER PEARL is.  


A traditional Chinese banquet has eight or nine dishes; excluding dessert, fruit and wedding cake at the end. Eight is a lucky number to Southern Chinese people. This is because the sound of “8” rhymes with the words for “to prosper”, “good luck” and fertility. “9” rhymes with long-life.


The asian wedding banquet symbolises rich and prosperous life for the newly weds and their family, and for over 25 years we’ve served generations of families.